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3 Easy Ways to Crack Android Mobile Password or Pattern Lock


3 Easy Ways to Crack Android Mobile Password or Pattern Lock

Is your phone locked and you forgot your password or pattern if that is the case worry less as Boldtechinfo will guide you on how to properly unlocked your phone easily.

Why do you set a mobile password or screen lock pattern? Of course to keep your personal data safe from other’s reach. But have you ever been in a situation where you have recently changed your pattern lock or password code but accidentally forgot it.


Or your phone has made a prank on you by changing it without knowledge to and leave you struggling with it. Here’s what you can do in this situation to unlock your Android device.



First step: Unlock Pattern Lock via Factory Reset
This is the simplest trick to unlock locked Android device. However, the risk here is this method deletes all the data which are saved in phone memory. If you are willing to go for this here are the steps to be followed-

Step 1. Switch off your Android handset and wait for some time.

Step 2. Now Press ‘+’ volume button and power button at the same time.

Step 3. It will open your Android device in Recovery mode. Now select Factory Reset button from the menu.

Step 4. Next when you get a list of options, tap on the ‘Wipe Cache Partition To Clean Data’.

Step 5. Finally, switch on your Android device and you are done!



Second step: Unlock Password Using ADM
If you are wondering what is ADM, it is nothing but Android Device Manager. You can easily unlock your mobile using this from any desktop or laptop. Here’s what you have to do-

Step 1. Go to Android device manager site.

Step 2. Sign in to your google account.

Step 3. Now click on ‘Lock’ option.

Step 4. Enter a new Password and confirm your new password.

Step 5. Now reboot your locked phone and enter the newly set password. Voila! You’ve unlocked your phone successfully!

Third step: Bypassing the Pattern Lock
This trick only works when you have an active data connection in your locked mobile.

Step 1. draw the wrong pattern lock 5 times.

Step 2. It’ll show a notification and where it says ‘Try Again in 30 Seconds’.

Step 3. Now, It will show an option ‘Forgot Password’. Tap on it.

Step 4. At last, enter your Gmail address and password which you’ve used on the locked device and setup a new pattern lock.


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