5 Important Tools to Consider While Content Writing for Your WordPress Site- 2022 Guide

WordPress offers quality plugins support and writing assistance with various online and downloadable tools to enhance search engine optimized writing.

Writing Settings Control in WordPress offers several editing, posting, and publishing services from a single platform. But even enhanced platforms like WordPress require assistance from other tools to thrive in the increasing online competition.

This article will provide insights into the most helpful and up-to-date tools to assist your WordPress site content writing. We will also discuss how these tools are best for blog writing and article writing on a WordPress-based website.



The top concern of search engines is to rank and feature unique content in their search results. Heavily plagiarized content is not worth posting online on a blog or website. Primarily, many bloggers and publishers find it challenging to find a freeware plagiarism checker that offers reliable services.

That’s where the PREPOSTSEO plagiarism checker stands out among others. This tool supports plagiarism and generates a detailed report to insights into plagiarized content. Above all, you get to use the tool as a guest and free registered user to avail of any necessary features.

Best features for WordPress Content Writing

  • With this tool, you can choose to remove grammatical mistakes and plagiarism with one click.
  • This helps to find out the plagiarized sentences in your content. You can modify the plagiarized sentences to make them unique.
  • This offers to check plagiarized content with one click and displays a descriptive report on duplicated content in just a few minutes.
  • This tool supports multiple languages for checking plagiarism.


  1. Paraphrasing Tool

Blog writers and article writers face the biggest challenge of writing plagiarism-free content to post online. Writers and publishers rely on online resources to cover their research and writings. Gathering pieces of information from various resources can increase the chances of duplication.

Since search engines tend to penalize plagiarized content, it’s ideal to ensure that content maintains its uniqueness without changing the apparent meaning. Paraphraser.io offers a free-of-cost paraphraser to deliver unique content to tackle this problem.

Best features for WordPress Content Writing

  • The paraphrasing tool offers various settings and options to rewrite the content differently. You can choose to make your content Simple, fluent, or creative from the interface.
  • You can copy-paste the content in the box and click on ‘’Paraphrase Now’’ for paraphrasing.
  • The output will generate highlighting the applied changes in your content. The tool will provide ready-to-post work free of grammatical mistakes.


  1. Onlinenotepad

Onlinenotepad.io’s online text editor is your user-friendly tool for editing any text without installing any application. The text editor supports various features which are helpful for writers, bloggers, and publishers.

You can quickly check your content with this text editor before posting it on the WordPress site. And it’s not just about editing in real-time. You can also save the text for later editing and application on any online platform.

Best features for WordPress Content Writing

  • You can choose to upload your text file online, and the tool will scan the text automatically.
  • Giving headings tags is a crucial factor in publishing blogs. This text editor will help you to give heading tags to your headings and subheadings.
  • It’s a suitable alternative for notepad and WordPad. If you don’t want to store your content online, you can save the final output of your text on the system storage.
  1. Grammarly

Among the top consideration of writers, Grammarly secures a prominent spot. This tool has been an ideal choice with its plugin integration for browsers and editors like notepad. The device is limited to identifying grammatical mistakes, but it also corrects them.

It’s a great tool to execute your blogging strategy with error-free content uploading. If you’re using a paid version, this tool will also offer a plagiarism checking service using its highly efficient crawlers.

Best features for WordPress Content Writing

  • To make Grammarly compatible with WordPress, you’ll need to install its extension. The extension performs a real-time grammatical check on your content.
  • This feature is supported with WordPress content manager, which means you can improvise your content while writing.
  • If you don’t want the software to interrupt your flow, you can directly paste your content into the Grammarly application. In this way, you will be able to correct all the mistakes at one time.

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  1. Ahrefs

Before we discuss all the tools that assist writing, now it’s essential to evaluate the quality of your WordPress website based on its content. Ahrefs is the most recognized tool in article posting and blogging.

This tool provides all-in-one SEO solutions for your WordPress site content. The most helpful feature for content writers is the keyword research utility. However, you get many services from this tool, but it’s not accessible for two uses after the first two weeks.

Best features for WordPress Content Writing

  • Ahrefs gathers the best ranking keywords related to your topic or niche. It provides the density and spam scores on keywords used in your content. The suggestions feature of this tool offers a detailed score on keyword volume and the potential traffic it can gain on the website.
  • WordPress site users can perform competitor analysis on performance-based reports.
  • This comprehensive tool also allows backlink tracking and content explorer to optimize your website for search engines.
  • You can also check your competitor’s website by putting their URL in the tool. You’ll find low competition and high-volume keywords from their website, which can help build an SEO strategy for your website’s content.



Well-optimized content is a demanding part of any ranking website. Besides featuring links and relevant keywords, it is vital that written content also features quality to add value for online users.

Online tools provide a great addition to aid a complete set of services to meet the quality of the competitive online market. It is essential to understand and appropriately bring these tools to achieve the best out of your website’s content.