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8-bits Football Mini Manager v1.1

The 8-bits Football Mini Manager game is a sports game to create your own football team is waiting for you.

You will have to show not only creativity in the design of each of the players, but also choose their personal qualities wisely for successful team play and fulfilling their role on the field!

There are several game modes available, one of which, the hardest, will really make you sweat when thinking about moves.

In General, the game is executed in a pixel, eight-bit format, familiar to everyone, which makes the game atmospheric and very interesting!.

With random manager choices before your matches and with simple yes or no decision, like in your own reign.

Create a fantasy 8-bit casual team.

Matches ultra fast with pad control like most famous football videogame.

I hope you enjoy my new game. Hard mode is really hard.


DOANLOAD  8-bits Football Mini Manager below


1. 8-bits Football Mini Manager APK – v1.1 – 22.42 MB


2. Download from play store


8-bits Football Mini Manager

DEVELOPERS: Chapas Games

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