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Apple coming with AirPods Pro Lite

Apple AirPods Pro Lite

According to reported by Digitimes, Apple is on the way to launch the AirPods Pro Lite.

The report had no other details like the launch date and pricing of the Apple AirPods Pro Lite. Apple is going to speed up the production of new products with partners in Taiwan as the company is now looking towards increasing the market supply. Coronavirus infection had an adverse effect on Apple’s production in China.

Previously, Apple launched the AirPods Pro in October 2019, and the company first launched the AirPods 2 in March 2019. AirPods Pro are $50 costlier than the regular AirPods. It is not very clear how Apple will make a Lite version of the AirPods fit in the line up created by the company.

Rumor had it that the Apple AirPods Pro Lite will be released as the third-generation AirPods, rather than being a cheaper variant of the AirPods Pro. It is also expected that the rumored pair of wireless earbuds will have a straight competition with Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. However, people are waiting for more rumors related to the launch of AirPods Pro Lite to draw a better conclusion.

The report throws light on the lineup of all other products going to be launched by Apple this year.

Recently, it was also confirmed that Apple is working on launching a wireless charging mat this year. This is going to solve the war going on between the European Union and Apple to a great Extent.

European Union is soon going to pass a regulation demanding a standard charging port to which Apple responded by saying that this will kill innovation. The launch of a wireless charging mat might solve the issue up to some extent.

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