Apple is planning to order a batch of OLEDs from China’s BOE with the potential of making the display manufacturer its second largest supplier of OLEDs in 2021.

The rumor comes from sources in South Korea and claims that Apple could be looking to order some 45 million OLED panels from BOE, intended for use in the 2021 iPhone devices.

This would make BOE Apple’s second largest supplier of OLED panels with Samsung continuing to satisfy the bulk of Apple’s OLED needs, LG Display would be relegated to third and Japan Display would supply small OLED screens, catering to the Apple Watch.

Apple could require more OLED panels in 2020 if the rumors of an all-OLED iPhone 12 lineup are correct. But it’s unclear if any BOE-made OLEDs will make it onto an iPhone in 2020. BOE supplies the screens for Huawei’s Mate series of phones, among others.

Source: rprna