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Here is our list of the best tattoo design apps for Android and iOS. A tattoo can be defined as a type or form of body modification where an image is drawn in the upper layer of the skin with a needle.

Best tattoo design apps for Android and iOS.

1. Tattoodo

With over 5 million downloads on Google playstore alone, Tattoodo is definitely a tattoo design to try out. The app features design from over 500,000 artists. It was chosen by TNW as their favourite app of 2018. It’s basically a community for all tattoo enthusiasts. Interact with other tattoo lovers, upload and share your tattoos.

2. InkHunter

Number two on our list of 10 best tattoo design apps for Android and iOS is InkHunter. The app is among the best mobile tattoo design app. The virtual tattoo design on the app features augmented reality. You get to see how it will look in real life before getting them on your body. Some tattoo artists make use of this app to provide information to the clients based on how it will look on them. InkHunter has over a million downloads on Google playstore and also available on iOS. You can also upload a design from your device gallery to the app.

3. Tattoo Designs

This app features inspiring tattoo designs just as the name implies. You can search for a tattoo shop nearest to you on the app. Tattoo Designs features various categories such as Old School, Skeleton, Alien, Watercolor, Grim Reaper, Viking and many more. Every category has thousands of tattoo designs to pick from.

4. Skin Motion

Skin Motion tattoo app is a very fascinating one. Though it may sound creepy, the app uses up to a 30-second clip containing a sound to make a tattoo design. It draws out the sound wave comes out as a design. The clip could that of your favourite song, your voice or that of someone dear to you. This is next-level technology when it comes to tattooing. See Best Apps for Viewing Football Live

5. Tattoo Fonts

This is the ideal app for those who are interested in tattooing a word or phrase on their body. The font is crucial when it comes to a word or phrase cause that’s the beauty. Tattoo Fonts features various type of fonts, so you get to select a font and see how it looks on your skin first before tattooing them.

6. InkSquad

Next on our list of 10 best tattoo design apps for Android and iOS is Ink. Squad. Just like Tattoodo, this app creates a community for tattoo artists and lovers. It comes with a chat feature where tattoo lovers get to interact with artists. One can even book an appointment with a tattoo artist using this app.

7. Tattoo My Photo

As the name implies, the app helps you tattoo your photo. Pick the photo, the tattoo design and the position you want the design to be on your photo, then see how it will look. Tattoo My Photo app has over 5 million downloads on Google playstore and a trending app for boys and girls.

8. Tattoo Designs HD

Not to be mistaken with ‘Tattoo Designs’, this app offers millions of tattoo designs in HD. It features various tattoo categories such as scorpions, dragons, angels e.t.c. With Tattoo Designs HD, you can save your favourite design directly to your smartphone.

9. Tattoo Maker

Similar to Tattoo Fonts, this app lets you create and customize tattoo text. It not only offers tattoo text but also designs. Categories available in this app includes text, love, fantasy, couple, animal, black wood tattoo e.t.c

10. 3500+ Tattoo Designs

Rounding up our 10 best tattoo design apps for Android and iOS is 3500+ Tattoo Designs. It offers a great collection of tattoo designs for both men and women. The app has really grown beyond just 3500+ design. Their design collection is way above hundred of thousands.


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