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popcorn time

popcorn time


Looking for where to download a TV series but not sure about the site? Check out our list of the best websites to download series for free.


When it comes to downloading quality TV series, one should consider websites that are regularly updated with fresh content. And there are many sites that claim regular and quality updates. As such, sifting through the maze can be a little confusing, especially for beginners.

Just as there are many quality websites to download your favourite TV series, so there are almost the same number or more fake or low-quality sites. Most of these mediocre TV series sites have low-quality movies.

Best Websites to Download and Watch Series

1. Yify TV —

yify tv - free tv series download website

This site is very popular with series, TV shows and even game downloads. Recently, Yify TV movies launched a segment dedicated to TV shows and series. So far, it has a huge collection of the latest few episodes, a huge torrent list with an exhilarating user experience.

With 4.8 million torrents to choose from, it is a very popular destination for series. Yify TV Movies has a very attractive and intuitive user interface that makes access to content very easy. As it deals with legit content, you can rest assured that Yify movies will still be here. The content is updated frequently, thanks to a large community of users and developers.

Yify TV Movies also has a very active and supportive customer support team. For questions and other forms of assistance, you can get help around the clock.


2. Goty TV —

goty tv

It is home to the latest series, movies and games. On the Goty TV platform (formally GrabtheBeast TV), you can find almost all of your favourite series. If you want to download the latest or past episodes of TV shows, then this is the place to see them.

For any related questions and issues, the platform has a very active community of users and developers. It is also responsible for uploading fresh content on location thereby keeping the torrent of TV shows current and updated.

Due to its growing popularity, this site has been under the radar of regulators for a while now. In fact, it is blocked in some countries. However, you can still access and download episodes of your favourite TV shows via proxy links and mirror sites. What’s more, the platform has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy content access. On the home page, content is classified into categories for easier access.

If you are looking for a reliable website to download series for free with variety and quality, definitely Goty TV.

3. Popcorn Time —

popcorn time

Sometimes it is wonderful to relax in the cinema room and enjoy the latest movies. Would you like to enjoy a good movie at home on the couch? Then Popcorn Time is also a good option for downloading movies. Now just stop by the supermarket for a bag of popcorn!

Popcorn Time is a platform with a free BitTorrent client and integrated media player. With this free alternative to video streaming services, you can enjoy numerous series and movies. Popcorn Time has been off the air for a while, but is back in full force since 2020! Just search for what you want to watch and the results will automatically pop up on your screen. For example, you can transfer the image to your TV via Chromecast or HDMI.

After the installation which will take up to a few minutes, it is time to watch the free series. After you open Popcorn Time you will immediately be introduced to their easy to use interface. Basically, all you have to do is choose a category on the left, click on your desired movie and set a subtitle. After you have done this, the series will start to download and you can watch it after a few seconds.

4. MoviesJoy —

moviesjoy - free tv series download website

When you open the MoviesJoy website, the trendiest movies of that moment immediately appear on the screen. If you scroll further down, you will discover an overview of both the very latest films and the most recent TV series. In addition, the site has an impressive archive, which you can search in many different ways, including searching by country.

In that case, if you choose your preferred country, you will get a nice overview of all available films and series that are entirely spoken in your language of choice or that were partly or completely made in your country. MoviesJoy also features a super handy Android app.


5. TubiTV —


TubiTV is currently one of the largest websites to watch free series and movies outside of Europe. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to use their website within Europe due to problems with the AVG legislation.

What is possible is to visit their website using a VPN. When you activate it and set it to, for example, America, you will be able to visit the website and enjoy the movies and series they offer.

Tubi is actually a legal (and free) video streaming application. To keep their service legal and free, they’ve included ads, which helps them monetize the content that their partners, such as MGM, Lionsgate, and Paramount, provide to them!


6. Vudu —


Although Vudu is mainly a website where you can buy movies and series, however, what you don’t know is that they also offer many movies and episodes of series for free. The free movies at Vudu do contain a lot of ads, but in return, you can watch them for free.

All you need to do is install Vudu, which works on any device and even your game console, and create an account. Then you can enjoy your favourite movies and series without limits.


7. SolarMovie —


If you visit the SolarMovie site, you will only be presented with 4 choices on the homepage: you can click on the movies, TV series or featured button to go to a relevant overview.

Or you can enter the name of the movie or TV series you are looking for in the large search bar in the middle of your screen. If you choose 1 of the first 3 options, you can display your personal preferences even more accurately on the next page.

During a few random checks of the quality of the video streams, we, unfortunately, came across numerous links that were not working, especially with older material. Messy. However, if you’re looking to watch fairly new releases, Solar Movie is a great fit for that. However, brace up as you’d be welcomed with a lot of annoying pop-ups.

8. YouTube —

YouTube Premium

We open the list of perhaps the most famous streaming service in the world. YouTube is not only the place to watch compilations or listen to music but also a great place to watch movies and series for free. YouTube is full of hundreds of movies & series that are released for free or are in the public domain.

YouTube is a good place to watch unique movies filmed by often unknown and niche directors. Movies like Better off Dead, Mad Money and Dirty Work are completely free and worth watching. You can use a third-party Video downloader or visit to download series on Youtube for free.


9. —

Internet Movie Download Archive

This website collects all content, films, games and series from the past. The films and series on Archive can be viewed completely free of charge because the complete collection consists of films in the public domain.

Archive is a colourful collection of old classics, supplemented with independent films in the science fiction and horror genre, and complete documentaries. The website is lightning fast, and you can easily search through the different categories to find the perfect movie.


Downloading and watching series online is not impossible with these websites listed above. These are currently the platforms I’ve examined myself and I can boldly assert that they are exceptional. Although some of these websites are solely for streaming series and not downloading them, however, these videos can be downloaded manually via a third-party downloader such as Internet Download Manager. You can search online to learn how to go about that.

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