How to build a Facebook Messenger Chatbot For Free(No Coding)

facebook messenger

facebook messenger
How to Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot For Free Without Coding

There is a lot of hype surrounding chatbots, and they are quickly becoming a standard part of any digital marketing strategy. Chatbots bots are very versatile services, and when you set it up correctly, it can help your customers answer questions and fulfill an array of tasks given by you. Chatbots may sound like a difficult obstacle, but with the right guidance it becomes as easy as other social medial apps one is used to, it can become platform that help you monetize your social media pages. If you put together a guide that will help you understand the benefits of chatbots, how it work, and how to build your own chatbot online for your brand.


Chatbots and how they affect your company.

Chatbots are services that mimic conversations with people in order to interact with your customers. Chatbots can be integrated with e-commerce platforms, allowing you to monetize your social media accounts and instant messaging profiles. All competitive companies must maintain a strong online presence, and chatbots are changing the way your audience interacts with you. They help entrepreneur build an emotional bond with customer, and because they are still new, building a chatbot now is a means and a strategic advantage over the competition they might meet outside with other entrepreneur that are doing same business as theirs.

How chatbots work

There are two types of chatbots available: those that function based on rules and those that use artificial intelligence (A.I.). Chatbots that function based on rules are much more limited than those that work with A.I. because they only respond to specific commands. Hence, they require a great deal of programming in order to be an effective tool. Chatbots tools that are powered by artificial intelligence are more dynamic because they respond to language, and don’t require specific commands. They learn continuously from the conversations they have with people and can help fulfill an array of tasks without a monumental amount of programming.


How to build your chatbot

There are lots of free chatbot building tools such as that offer the ability to setup a bot and connect it to facebook one doesn’t require any coding knowledge, and one can sign up using his/her Facebook account. Once you’ve set up a free account you can start creating your chatbot ensure you keep these tips in mind when building your own bot.

Give it a unique name: always remember that chatbot should have a distinct name that helps it stand out from other chatbox. That way, it will help consumers will to run a quick search in order to connect with your bot.
Give consumers hints on how to get started: The one thing about chatbots that is alien to consumers is the initial interface. Instead of having a website loaded with calls-to-action, users are now faced with a blank screen. Help them out by setting up automatic prompts, so your chatbot can proactively provide options to get your clients started.
Ensure to make use of a natural conversation flow: this will make it easy for them to ask questions and get answers at any point during the interaction.
Make the bot sound smart with simple terminology: the bot will be the new face of the company, so try to make it sound smart and eloquent by using short, concise sentences. Using big grammar can hinder your intending clients and confuse your bot, so is better to keep it simple.
Ensure you don’t reveal all features at the same time: Chatbots can have many functions, however, revealing all of them at a time can overwhelm consumers. Instead, create a conversation flow that helps your chatbot offer the right options at the right time.
Optimizing and maintaining your chatbot: Like most digital marketing channels, chatbots need to be monitored and optimized in order to increase performance.
Building a chatbot will help you change the way consumers interact with your brand, increasing customer satisfaction and monetizing your social media platforms at the same time. By following the tips outlined above you will be able to create a chatbot that is line with your brand and that best portrays your company as a whole and you don’t have to be a chatbot expert to get started.

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