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Facebook unveiled Facebook Campus USA Students – How to Access Facebook Campus

Facebook has introduced a dedicated ‘Facebook Campus’ section in the main app. Students will need their college email IDs (.edu IDs) to log into Facebook Campus.

The app is being piloted at 30 major universities across the USA. Folks at The Verge observed that Harvard is not on the list. It will not allow students to interact across colleges, but give them a limited space to interact with people from their schools only.

A Virtual Campus

Facebook Campus uses school-verified email IDs, which makes it quite secure. It has a campus-only News Feed, which will allow students to see other classmates, groups, and other school-related activities. The feed will also allow students to create their own groups and events.

Facebook Campus allows students to create and attend virtual events

The profile will also come with a campus directory. Students on Facebook Campus will be able to find their classmates easily. Alumni will be allowed to stay, but Facebook will suggest they leave the campus via a notification since the content won’t be relevant anymore. The section also comes with real-time chats, which can be moderated by admins.

There are new privacy guidelines for Facebook Campus. Your campus profile activities will only be visible to students and pages from your school. Chats can be moderated, and admins can remove entire threads if they wish to do so.

How to Access Facebook Campus

As of now, the feature is only available on the Facebook app. Moreover, you need to be a student of the eligible universities to access the Facebook campus.

All you need to do is create a Campus profile with your school email ID and graduation year. You can also add details like major classes, minor, and hometown, but they’re optional.

Once your profile is ready, it’ll be a completely separate space from your main Facebook profile. Only the people from your school will be able to communicate with you on a Campus profile. You can find groups, events, and clubs within this space.

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