Google, weeks ago decided to cancel its annual developer conference, I/O, which was supposed to take place in California in May, because of concerns regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus. That cancellation referred to the physical event. The search giant wanted to hold it online instead.

Google G Suite

Also, the company has announced that the online version of Google I/O 2020 is canceled too. Google I/O 2020 is thus fully dead at this point. The company remains committed to sharing ongoing Android updates through its developer blogs and community forums.

In the two weeks that passed since the initial cancellation, the COVID-19 epidemic turned into a global pandemic, and we’re seeing unprecedented measures taken by governments to impose social distancing. In California, there’s a “shelter in place” mandate put into place by the Bay Area government, and this is in part why Google has decided to kill I/O completely. Of course concerns for the health of its staff and local communities is the other part.