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Google Phone app might come with a built-in call recording feature

Thanks to a new APK teardown we got an insight that Google’s own Phone dialer app could soon come with a built-in call recording feature. The discovery was found in the source code of the latest version of the Phone app for the Pixel 4. More specifically, Google added a new icon, layout and other resources alongside a new in-call button to initiate a call recording which was revealed through several strings of code.

Call recording option found in latest version of Google Phone app
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Call recording option found in latest version of Google Phone app

In the past, call recordings were available on the stock Google Phone app up until Android 6 Marshmallow. Since then the feature required workarounds which were later shut down by Google with the arrival of Android 9.

OEMs like Xiaomi provide call recording for their devices and recently announced all of its devices sold in Europe will ship with Google’s Phone and Messages apps in place of their Xiaomi alternatives. This coincidence means the new call recording feature could be exclusive to Xiaomi phones but we’ll just have to wait and see Google’s approach here.


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