Smart Charge mode was originally launched on Huawei and Honor devices in China. Fast track till now, the company has started expanding this fresh feature to global models with the April software update, starting with India.

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The feature decreases how long it will take the phone battery to drain when it is completely charged while preserving your battery health by adapting to your charging routine. Charging might be paused to delay charging your phone to 100% until required. Even if it comes enabled by default, you can deactivate or activate it through the instructions below. See How To Enable Smart Charge On Your Huawei Device?

Upgrade Huawei EMUI

To start, you have to upgrade to the most recent Huawei EMUI to enjoy Smart charge.

Note: The availability of Smart Charge might vary depending on the device models and Region/Country.

  • Head to your Huawei Settings.
  • Swipe down and tap “System.”
Enable Smart Charge Huawei Device
  • Tap “Software Update.”
Enable Smart Charge Huawei Device
  • Tap “Check for updates.”
  • Download and install the update.
Enable Smart Charge Huawei Device
  • You are done.

How To Activate Smart Charge On Your Huawei Device?

  • Head to “Settings.”
  • Head to “Battery.”
  • Tap “More Battery Settings.”
  • Click on the switch to enable this feature.


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