How to format an Android phone

Are you having problem with your Andriod device and wanted to format it, you want to format it before saling it to ensure your data are accessed by the new devices owner or you wanted to format it for any another reason? here are ways you can successfully format an Android device,

First need to root it your device. There are plenty of rooting guide for all the major brands on XDA-Developers, so I’d look for your device there first.

Secondly, you’ll need install a custom recovery like ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) or Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) by either flashing it through fastboot (for HTC devices), ODIN (for Samsung devices), or FlashFire for all other devices

Here are two main methods to reset an Android phone. The first method is “Factory Reset” from the phone setting .

1 . Factory Reset From The Phone Setting

Android phone

Android phone

Basic procedures to follow

  1. Go to your phone setting.

2. Scroll down and find “Backup & Reset”. Then select that option.

3. Select “Factory data reset”.

Remember that your all data of internal storage will be erased. so before selecting it, you should make backup your data.

4. Select “Reset Phone” option. Then Put your unlock pattern or password (if asked).

5. Select “Erase everything”.

Once you are done with step 5, your android phone will Restart automatically and start erasing everything. Erasing data process may take a long time because it depends on your stored data size.

Now all data is erased from your android phone.

2. Factory/Hard Reset From Android Recovery Mode

Android phone
  1. Power off Your android phone.

2. Press and hold the Volume down and the Power keys both at the same time. Hold that keys till phone will not start.

If Recovery mode does not start then try these key combinations.

  • Volume Up + Power key.
  • Volume Up + Home + Power key.
  • Volume Down + Power Key.
  • Volume Down + Home + Power Key

3. Now select wipe data/factory reset. Press volume down/up key for scroll down/up and power key for a select option.

4. Scroll down then select yes.

5Factory reset will start. When this process will finish then select the reset option.

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