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How to make your digital menu stand out in food delivery business

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How to Make Your Digital Menu StandOut for Your Food Delivery Menu

How to Make Your Digital Menu Stand Out for Your Food Delivery Business

Revenue generation in the online food delivery segment is expected to surpass $1096 million in 2020, and it will continue to grow in the years to come.

This figure itself explains the importance of having a digital menu for your restaurant business. One can not argue that advancements in technology are changing the face of the restaurant industry. From smart dishwashers to food delivery app out front, technology and digitalization have taken over everything.

So how can a restaurant menu be left behind? Restaurant menus have also gotten a makeover; the transitional paper menus are now being replaced with digital ones. Many restaurants are adopting digital menus in order to boost sales and amplify customer experience.


What is Digital Menu
Today, restaurants and bars are going digital and adopting smart solutions to accelerate sales; the term “digital menu” refers to a restaurant menu accessible to users digitally via their smartphones or via touchscreen.

From attracting customers to determining what customers should order, a digital menu has the power to invite more eyeballs and satisfy hunger pangs. This technology is a powerful weapon that captures the diner’s attention and helps restaurant business owners to maximize their ROI.


Digital menu boards are an aesthetically pleasing way to display and highlight your products and assist customers in visiting the website or social media page. Digital menu also helps restaurant business owners to uplift sales and increase brand reputation.

How can restaurant owners create a digital menu, and what are the other advantages it offers to your business.

Below are step to be taken in order to achieve that

You can update content quickly
Enhance customer experience
Showcase important information
Grow social media audience
Reduces manual error
Here are the key benefits of a digital menu, but how to create a digital menu that helps you stand unique from the competition and achieve an excellent ROI. Here we have addressed the best practices for creating an exceptional digital menu for your restaurant business.

1. Choose Enticing Pictures
“A beautiful picture is worth a million words,” and this proverb is not wrong when it comes to creating the digital menu. Images of your food and popular dishes will help you increase sales and profit together. Use realistic and high-quality photos of your popular dishes in the digital menu; it can be a smart move to give extra attention to those items.

However, don’t overuse images; it will make your menu cluttered in different parts, so choose the photos that fit well and help you promote your famous items. It would also be important to use your own professional and real image; otherwise, you will be criticized for using photoshopped images.

The quality of your food images will leave a long-lasting impact on customers. If the photos are of poor quality, it will force people to go to competitors, which will hurt your restaurant’s reputation. If you have used real and high-quality pictures on the digital menu, it will help you capture customers’ attention and increase sales.

2. Choose Easy to Read Fonts
Once you are the sort with images, choose readable fonts, and convey a clear message. For example, it can be tempting to use fonts that portray a rustic look but make sure it is easy to read for your patrons; otherwise, it will create no effect, and all efforts go waste.

We often notice in the well-known online ordering system how they follow brand guidelines and fit in with the overall look and feel. If you have zero clue related to designing, you can opt for the right technology partner such as Ellumianti Inc to create digital identity for your business. Choose easy to read fonts that match your restaurant theme and opt for large or medium-sized fonts if possible.

According to the well-known marketers and designers, the following fonts are widely-used and easy to read,

1. Arial
2. Helvetica
3. Verdana
4. Bodoni
5. Futura

Consider the above font style while designing your digital menu. If you use readable fonts, then a major issue has already been solved before it occurs.

3. Include a Call-to-Action
No matter what you offer and charge, the main purpose of the digital menu is to entice consumers to place orders frequently. CTAs help you grab users’ attention and encourage them to order a particular dish. Use an exciting call to action words that promote your restaurant and always stay in the consumer’s mind next time they place an order.

Examples of famous CTAs include,

1.Grab Now
2. You Are Running Out Of Time
3. Add to Cart
4. Like Us on Facebook
5 Hurry Up

These are resulting in an increase in sales and convey your message clearly. You should display a call to action in the digital menu; it will stick to your consumer’s mind in the long run and obviously boost your profit.

4. Add Extra Space
Maintaining space between two items is critical, especially when you have a lot of food items. If you lack proper spacing, your digital menu will look ugly, which will negatively impact your diners.

Whatever theme or template you choose, make sure your design should not look crowded and noisy. Keeping proper space is important for your patrons because it will allow customers to read pricing, ingredient details more precisely.

For instance, you need to maintain a space that showcases your products, design, and does not look ugly on different systems such as smartphones, iPad, or computer screen. Use negative space between two dishes, and your content will be much easier to read for consumers.

You can also ask professional designers to get more ideas on creating screen-fit content and creating a visually appealing digital menu.

5. Bonus Tips: What Not TO Do
Above are the important criteria you have to consider while designing a digital menu for your restaurant. Your digital menu should allow you to change content, font size, and other important details flexibly. To help you create an exceptional digital menu for your restaurant, here we have also shared some bonus tips that you should NOT perform while creating a digital menu board design.

Don’t put menus or CTA buttons at the top of the page.
Avoid drop-down menus
Don’t offer a search button at the bottom of the page
Don’t overuse pictures and videos
Don’t use bright colors for navigation
Above are the common mistakes that create an adverse impact on your restaurant business and make people unhappy. On the other hand, if you create an attractive digital menu for your restaurant business, it will increase your bottom line and ensure maximum profitability during peak time.

Final word
Today, in the restaurant industry, the usage of the digital menu is booming and important. The purpose is to amplify customer experience and increase sales. Consumer preferences keep evolving with time, so it would be great to offer what they want, and you will surely win in this digital race.


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