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How to start mobile marketing


Mobile marketing is a multi-channel online marketing technique focused at reaching a specific audience on their smartphones through website, emails, sms, social media or mobile application. Mobile marketing offers entrepreneurs many opportunities to boost and enhance sales for their business. It doesn’t matter if the business is small or large, one could find methods of marketing via mobile that will fit their budget. But before anything the person is expected to know how much h/she can spend on this project, the second step is to define and know your target customer base on mobile. It is important to be aware that while your demographics may overlap, the people who search for your company on mobile may not be the same as on desktop. Your current location should already be telling you where your customers are coming from, so separate out the mobile customers and create a persona or personas from that group. You can then create test campaigns based on your persona to ensure that you have gotten your market correctly defined.

1. SMS Text Marketing
If you want start the mobile marketing simple, one should keep his/her costs down and go further with a limited budget to avoid too much expenses. SMS texts can be sent to anyone with a cell phone. The person don’t need to have a smartphone to use SMS, just a small touch light Nokia phone can do that. This marketing channel increases your customer base if they are not likely to own a smartphone. SMS texting works very well in combination with other forms of existing marketing.

Text subscribers when your monthly newsletter is emailed to increase email opens
Send reminder notices of “last day to buy” sales on your website
Offer SMS-only coupons for specific times of day when your brick-and-mortar shop is slow
Send last-minute offers for new products or soon-to-be-retired products
Post your SMS shortcode on your TV commercial to gain new subscribers
Ask for feedback from subscribers about your new drink special and give them a reward for responding
This list is only the beginning of how you can excite customers and drive sales with SMS text marketing. Depending on your industry, you can develop your own ideas.


2. Social Media
Mobile offers many social media apps marketing opportunities some that are mobile-only. Instagram is a case-in-point. Instagram is a great place to market the people behind the business, show images and videos from special events and ask followers to share with friends and family. Whatsapp is also a place where one can market and sale his/her products through status update and when contact view they make order. It is an app that takes very little time and gives one an opportunity to connect on a more personal basis. It has to be a frequent thing for intending individuals in order to see result and grow the business. However, other small business owners especially in the fashion and craft niche are finding Whatsapp and Instagram very conducive to driving business. It’s very easy to use social media to reach out to all the influencers in your niche to help spread the word about your unique offering.

3. Mobile Friendliness
This may seem obvious, but many businesses never test how well their websites perform on mobile platforms. Large images, closely positioned links, and large blocks of text can be a disaster on a small screen if not configured properly. Think about how you can trim your content by making it simple and straight forward so it can be look upon and run smoothly on smaller phones, smartphones and tablets.

4. Your Own App
You can own your own app and start mobile marketing. According to Comscore, the mobile web user has come to expect both mobile search and app interfaces almost equally. So marketers should consider whether gaming or other apps can provide some unique value to a particular user scenario for your target audience. One can actually create his/her own app if the person think he/she have a concept that will drive sales for his/her kind of business. If creating an app is too expensive for your budget, don’t despair. You can find other ways to engage your audience like the second option.

5. Personalization
Learn to address your audience/customers by their name. If your brand image is more formal, use honorifics with last names. Otherwise, a first name creates a friendly, casual tone that encourages readers to at least hear you out. But don’t limit your creativity there ensure you customize your offerings based on your readers’ location, purchase history, interests, birthday, or other data this will help you get their attention very well.

6. Concise Content
Videos are shared often on mobile devices. They are easy to watch on smartphones and tablets and open to the right size automatically. Be creative and come up with a video or a music video to grab your audience’s attention, and ensure you make it simple and straight forward without too much mb for one to download because that can discourage your audience. Be creative and come up with short video clips to grab your audience’s attention. You can even embed links right into the context of the video to get people to your site easily.

7. Real Value
The end goal of any marketing campaign is to drive a sale. But that doesn’t mean every message or ad should scream “buy now!” Your content must have value. It should teach your readers something new, inspire them to try something different, appeal to their emotions, make them laugh, or answer a question they might have. Value creates engagement; engagement leads to trust; and trust drives purchases.

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