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How to text an email in iPhone


How to text an email in iPhone


In this article you will learn how to text an email on iPhone is such an interesting task, you can surely configure your e-mail account directly on your iPhone with a series of instruction. Apple is kind enough to insert a stuff technically which you needed to access some of the most used electronic mail services.

In this article, you will learn about email my texts, copy a text message to email, text to email app iPhone. You will also learn to send your email to SMS text, send text conversation to email android, how to text an email on iPhone.

How To Email Text Messages From iPhone
So how to email text messages from your iPhone is simple as you will get to know the procedure for that in this article. Your e electronic mail address and password should be in hand with the following services: iCloud, Microsoft-exchange, google mail, Yahoo and so on.

You can surely add your e-mail account to any of the mobile that you are using which are the likes of iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device. How to text an email on iPhone, we have two ways in which your email account can be set up on your device.

You can set up your electronic mail account either by automatically or manual settings but in this article, we will tall about the two. After reading the two ways of setting the mail account you will be able to choose the best one that you want.


Automatic Way Of Settings Your Email
You can make settings of your email account automatically on any of your device when you have email address and password that you are using. By following the below steps, you will get to know how you can do the settings:

First step: You first visit the settings and from there you move to password and to account.
Second step: In this step, you simply click on the add account to add your account and from there you select provide for your email.
Third step: The next thing to do in this step is to that you will need to provide your the address of your email and it’s password.
Fourth step: In this stage, you will verify your email account buy making use of the next key.
Fifth step: You can now get some information from your mail account
Sixth step: You simply save the process to save your setting.
Manual Way Of Setting Your Email
How to text an email on iPhone, in this chapter you can also make setting of your email account in a manual way. All you need to do here is to make sure you follow the procedure that will be stated below and get it done on your mobile

Stage 1: First of all you move to a settings icon follow to the passwords and finally accounts.
Stage 2: In this stage you will need to add your account by tapping add account.
Stage 3: Here, you have to describe your account by providing your account details such as your name, your email address, your password and other important details.
Stage 4: You will now move to next and in this case your account setting will find your electronic mail and it successful, your account settings is complete.
Write An Email On How To Text An Email On iPhone
This place is where you can get the description of how to write an email address for the purpose of getting how to text the mail on your apple device. In this chapter, you will be able to learn how to write an email text on the mobile phone.

All you need to do here is just the normal process as it will be describe below then you follow it and get it done easily. After getting the information about it, you can try it and you will surely like to use is as it is so easy and interesting.

You will first open the application mail.
Here you will need to select the email account that you want to use.
This is where you compose your text on the space provided and then you enter an email address and the line of
Now you will write your e-mail address.
After the above has being done then you click on the send button to send.
To Add An Attachment Of a Document To An Email
Should in case you want to add an a document as an attachment to your email while you want to send text. How to text an email on iPhone, you can surely apply an attachment of your document to your text as it’s saved to your email.

In order to do this, in this chapter you will learn how to do so and if you careful following the steps as it will be explained below you will get it easily. So you don’t need to wait anymore just go straight to do it if you have interest to do so.

Number 1 step: You will first need to locate the email where you want to add an attachment of your saved document.
Number 2 step: Here you will click on the Insert attachment button at the located area and after that you will just locate the document in saved files.
Number 3 step: In the saved files, you will get to click on the browse at the specific area of the screen, after that you tap a file or folder to open it.
Number 4 step: You can now click on the document on your file in order to insert it into your email.
Number 5 step: In this last step, you can also drag a file to your email to make the attachment done on your email.
In the case of this attachment apart from adding a document as your attachment to your email while you want to send text through email on phone. You can also add other attachment such as images, files, photos, pictures, papers and so on.

So it doesn’t only mean that your attachment can only be a saves document rather you can also add other attachment even with the document together or add it separately. You can follow the above steps also to add other attachment but in this case you will specify the attachment.

Note this article is still about email my texts, copy a text message to email, text to email app iphone, send your email to sms text. Send text conversation to email android, how to text an email on iPhone.

How to Send Email to iPhone
Address and send email on iPhone on how to text an email on iPhone: This can be describe as the method or ways that can be follow in order to send an email to a mobile apple device. By following the guide, it will make it easy for you to do so.

This chapter explain the procedure to use if you have interest on sending email to your mobile phone. Here you will get to understand the steps and stages to be considered and follow in order to successful send email to your apple mobile phone

First of all in the mail application box, you can try to send email from any of your email accounts if you have multiple account, you will mark those
This second step is where you will add recipients that is the receiver.
Here you locate the field and provide the full names of recipients or receivers.
You can automatically search or suggest people you want from your contacts as the case may be with their addresses for multiple account users If you’re sending a copy, tap the Cc/Bcc field.
You can also move into the field and enter the names of the people that you to get a copy of the document.
Tip to be considered: After you enter recipients as in those receivers and then you can get get again their names in the addresses section.. How to text an email on iPhone, I hope you find it easy and interesting as described above.

How To Send Text Conversation To Email Android
As a communication tool, text messaging in conversing is up there at the top in relation to how to text an email on iPhone. Considering variety of people using mobile phone especially an android device, text messages are transmitted every time, is easy to assume and sent.

Whether it is about reaching out to family and friends at every time through text conversation is so easy and immediate method of connecting with many other people around you. You will be able to quickly send message in the conversation.

There are a some situation in which you will prefer sending text messages or making conversation via your email as well. How to text an email on iPhone, here you can do so and enjoy conversation with family and friends.

Sending Messages to Email Using An Android Device
Using your android device you can be able to send your text messages to an email box address and make conversation which is simple and only require steps to follow. You can open your messaging application and select the conversation you want to send to email.

Now you can make hold of and click on to hold the message until the options menu appears with some option pop-up. Now you simply click on share and simply choose your email application then you fill in the recipient information required and send.

Also make use of forwarding individual messages in a conversation to an email address using your iPhone is same and simply straight forward. All you need to do is to go into your iMessages on your apply phone and choose the text you want to forward.

The next thing is to press and hold onto the message until the options menu appears and shows some icons. Then you click on more in order to bring some icon which require some more app to be popped up.

Now you will need to use the tap button on the circle next to each text or component of a message and then you click on the forward button. Now you will enter the email address you want to send the message to and click on the send button.

So you can now see that sending messages to email using android phone is not hard and its very interesting and its shows above. Having known how to come about this through the above explanation, you can now make use of the process on your own.

Still on how to text an email on iPhone, so now you can make use of your android phone a creative way and send messages through email as described above. Don’t forget to try it and start enjoying more value of your android phone in sending email texts.

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