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How to Top Bulk SMS Using Bulk SMS Websites In Nigeria

How to Top Bulk SMS Using Bulk SMS Websites In Nigeria


When you or your business needs to send SMS to numerous clients, then Bulk SMS should be your one-stop platform.

Bulk SMS simply means sending SMS messages to multiple end users at the same time. The sender traditionally uses a Bulk SMS website/application to compose the text message while inputting the Sender Name and then the recipient mobile number.

In Nigeria Today, there are several bulk sms websites that can conveniently allow you to send bulk sms. But the distinction that separates these websites, which include: Design, Features, Ease 0f use, and Speed are what makes some websites preferable to others.

Always ensure that the customers to which you are sending messages are aware of your business, and they are those contacts whom you have previously obtained permission from. Sending Bulk SMS anyhow can have you sued for phishing (a fraudulent attempt of obtaining sensitive information by text-message, e-mail, or telephone).

Here are some of the top bulk sms websites in Nigeria, in no particular order of importance:

1. Nigeria Bulk SMS
This bulk sms company understands the relevance of terms in ranking for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), as it was able to come up with a name that most users search for online.

The website was able to win the love of its subscribers, going by the high turnout of subscribers it amassed. Its slogan – The most used Nigerian SMS site! shows how often people use their service.

Visit Nigeria Bulk SMS website.

2. SMS.COM.NG claims that they are “not cheap”, but are affordable. When you create your Bulk SMS account, you get free SMS units, which you can use to send SMS.

They boast of their ability to send Bulk SMS to all networks in Nigeria, as well as their 1 unit/ 1 sms. to all numbers, including Don Not Disturb (DND). They also have a solution for entrepreneurs that will like to start Bulk SMS business.

They also have an Android App on Google play store, which you can use to buy SMS Units and Send SMS,

Visit here

Get their app on Google play store

5starsms is another bulk SMS website. It promises simple Interface & quick delivery to all phone networks in Nigeria at an affordable rate. It has other features such as mobile friendliness, repeated numbers remover, lifetime validity and others. They also have a reseller option for entrepreneurs and web developers.

Visit here

4. BetaSMS
They provide the typical Bulk SMS options for subscribers, while vouching to deliver text messages to all Networks in Nigeria and international networks worldwide.

There is an SMS API section for developers who intend to integrate their BetaSMS Bulk SMS account with an application or website.

Visit BetaSMS here

5. SMSMobile24
The welcome message of this website is “Top Notch Bulk SMS for Your Business”. This pitch brings us to the impression that their are business-oriented. They have services such as Customized Bulk SMS management, Reseller Package, Sender ID Registration and Targeted SMS.

There is also an SMS API option for those that want to integrate their SMSMobile24 account with a website or an application.


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