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How to use Facebook without data charges


To all Facebook users, you can actually connect to Facebook without data or data charges. To connect to Facebook without data charges, follow the few steps below

  1. Go to in your mobile phone’s internet browser.
  2. Log into your Facebook account.

Note: make sure that you’re connecting to Facebook on a mobile phone and not using Wi-Fi.

Free or Discounted Data Facebook connection

Most mobile apps and websites use data (example: 3G) when you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi. We’ve worked with several mobile carriers to discount or completely cover these data charges. If you’re using a SIM card from one of these carriers, you won’t have to pay data fees to connect to Facebook.When you connect to Facebook with free or discounted data, you’ll see a warning when you go to another website or app, or try to use a feature that isn’t covered. Going to other websites and apps may be subject to standard data charges.

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