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How to use the Whatsapp Fingerprint lock feature

Whatsapp Fingerprint

Whatsapp recently made an update that supports the fingerprint security sensor which enables Whatsapp users to secure their chats and other files shared on WhatsApp using their fingerprint just the same way they can secure their smartphone.

To enjoy the features you must update your WhatsApp to the latest version but it doesn’t turn ON automatically, you are going to have to activate it before you can secure your WhatsApp chats using your fingers. However, is only does that has a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor that can enjoy these features but then you can still secure your WhatsApp chats by setting a personal security pin.

Some people might think they don’t need the fingerprint lock but trust me it’s important at least you deserve to have some privacy. People use Whatsapp to chat and connect with their business partners and not just family and friends so you need a little bit of privacy. WhatsApp has allowed you and privacy you need to do your thing in your way.

I never bothered looking into WhatsApp privacy until today but I am happy that I did because I was impressed to see some cool features that seem very important to anyone using WhatsApp. When you navigate to WhatsApp privacy settings which you can find by navigating from WhatsApp menu-Settings-Account, you will see something like.

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Two-step verification
  • Change number
  • Request account info
  • Delete my account

If you want to secure your WhatsApp using your fingers you need to click on the number one option which is privacy then at the end of that page you will see fingerprint lock, click on it and set it up. Then to set pin you need to click on the third option which is the two-step verification setting and you are going to need your email address to retrieve your pin in case you forget it in the future.

To get started simply open your WhatsApp and click on the menu which is the 3 dots aligned vertically at the top right-hand
 side close to search icon, click settings and then account, from there you will see the privacy option and inside it, you will find fingerprint lock. Click on it and follow the simple instruction to set it up.

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