How to Use WhatsApp View once Feature

How To Use Whatsapp View Once Feature Android Or Ios Device (Photos Steps)
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Here is a tips on how to use WhatsApp View once feature Android or iOS device

Facebook WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging app with billions of users worldwide, is offering a new update. Recently, WhatsApp gave you the option of sending a photo or video to someone and leaving it as soon as they open it. However, many do not have information about this feature. Here’s how.

View Once Feature on WhatsApp is available to both Android and iOS users. Not only does it disappear immediately after opening a photo or video, it is also not stored anywhere in the phone’s memory.

How it works, for example if you want to open your friend’s chat box and send a photo or video, click on the icon. Then select the photo or video and press the Send button next to the View Ones mode option. Press and send it so that you can open the file that you just sent to them at once.

This View Once Feature has its own set of advantages and some disadvantages. One of the most interesting aspects of the new feature is that as soon as you open a chat, it disappears from the chat box.

However, the fact that this chat or photo is not saved on the video phone and you can’t even forward it to someone else is a tedious task.

Next line updates are ready for WhatsApp. It will soon introduce Message Reaction features similar to those on Facebook. In addition, the option of using WhatsApp Web is also coming soon, even though the phone does not have an internet connection.

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