Below is how you can wirelessly connect and share files between your android or IOS Smartphone and PC with the aid of the Xender app, this is another method of connecting your android smartphone to a PC, the primary method of sharing (receiving and sending) files on a PC(laptop) is via usb cable, however with this new method you don’t need any cable as it’s wireless.

How To Wirelessly Connect Your Phone To PC using Xender

How to Connect Android Smartphone To PC Via Xender

Alright! Straight to the point follow the instructions below to connect your android smartphone to a PC wirelessly and share files between both devices

1~ Download and install the latest version of Xender on your Android smartphone if you don’t have it already

Make sure that either Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer is installed on your PC.
~Ensure your PC is WiFi compatible

~Ensure your phone’s data connection is turned off, a data connection is not needed for this

~Launch your xender app, click on the top left hand side ie on the option

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~Click on the + button then select connect to PC as shown in the screenshot below

Click on create Hotspot

Now head straight to your PC turn your WiFi on and scan for available networks, once your xender Hotspot
is found join the connection

Open your PCs browser be it chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer and follow the instructions as shown on your xender screen


Accept the connection on your phone once prompted

~You can now send and receive that from your to and from your PC
To send files from your PC, select any folder or the specific file folder, for example, click on the image icon on the sidebar then click on upload to select the image(s) you wish to send to your phone from your PC

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To send files from phone to your PC, on the phones file folder or destination click on batch icon download located beside the Upload button, now double-click on any file you want to send to your PC to download them to your PC.

Note that all the files sent to your PC via this method will be stored on the download folder of your PC.

You have now connected your android smartphone to your PC wirelessly, the transfer speed is relatively fast compared to that of a USB cable aided connection.

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