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Infinix smartphones 2020 price list

The Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer is said to have R&D centres sprawling between France and Korea, with manufacturing centres in China. The company makes smartphones that run the Android operating system. It was founded in 2013. The company’s devices has dominated quite a number of African country including the continent’s giant Nigeria.

The mobile phones as following with their prices in PKR.

Below is a list of all Infinix smartphones and their prices.

Note 5 Stylus: Rs. 37,899 PKR

Note 5: Rs. 32,999 PKR

Zero 5: Rs. 29,999 PKR

S5 6GB: Rs. 27,999 PKR

Zero 4 Plus: Rs. 26,499 PKR

Note 4 Pro: Rs. 26,400 PKR

S4 6GB: Rs. 25,999 PKR

Hot S3 4GB: Rs. 25,999 PKR

Hot S3X 4GB: Rs. 23,999 PKR

Hot S5: Rs. 23,999 PKR

S4: Rs. 23,500 PKR

S5 Lite: Rs. 20,999 PKR

Note 3 4G: Rs. 20,599 PKR

Hot 7 Pro: Rs. 19,999 PKR

Hot S3X: Rs. 19,600 PKR

Smart 2 32GB: Rs. 19,500 PKR

Zero 4: Rs. 19,499 PKR

Note 3 Pro: Rs. 19,499 PKR

Note 4: Rs. 18,999 PKR

Hot 8 4GB: Rs. 18,999 PKR

Hot 6 Pro 3GB: Rs. 18,999 PKR

Hot S3: Rs. 18,999 PKR

Note 3: Rs. 17,999 PKR

Zero 2: Rs. 17,800 PKR

Hot 8: Rs. 16,999 PKR

Hot 4 Pro: Rs. 16,400 PKR

Hot 6 Pro: Rs. 16,000 PKR

Note 2: Rs. 15,999 PKR

Zero 3: Rs. 15,999 PKR

Smart 3 Plus: Rs. 15,999 PKR

S2 Pro: Rs. 15,999 PKR

S2: Rs. 15,499 PKR

Hot 3 Pro: Rs. 15,200 PKR

Smart 4: Rs. 14,999 PKR

Hot 6: Rs. 14,999 PKR

Hot S: Rs. 14,899 PKR

Hot 5: Rs. 14,800 PKR

Hot 7: Rs. 14,699 PKR

Hot Note Pro: Rs. 14,300 PKR

Hot 8 Lite: Rs. 13,500 PKR

Hot 4: Rs. 12,999 PKR

Hot Note: Rs. 12,600 PKR

Hot 4 LTE: Rs. 12,600 PKR

Smart 3: Rs. 11,999 PKR

Smart 2: Rs. 11,999 PKR

Smart: Rs. 10,999 PKR

S4 16GB: Rs. 10,999 PKR

Smart 2 HD: Rs. 10,999 PKR

Hot 3: Rs. 10,500 PKR

Listed above are prices of the various Infinix smartphones devices as at January 2020.

To know exact price in your country or Region, you can use an online currency converter to convert each price to it’s equivalent currency in your country or Region.

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