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Install Brave Browser on Ubuntu And Earn Rewards – How to?

Brave has gained a lot of popularity lately, mainly because of its ability to reward users for browsing the web. As of January 1, this chromium-based browser has over 15 million monthly active users and 5 million active monthly users, as reported in the Brave community.

In this article, you will learn how to install Brave browser on Ubuntu Linux and earn rewards.

Install brave on ubuntu

Why use Brave Browser

The main focus of its developers was making it a privacy-focused, ad-blocking browser. Brave Rewards was introduced later when they realized that blocking ads would not do justice to the content creators who invest countless hours into creating and improving their content; a major part of their earnings comes from displaying advertisements.

The reason why you should consider switching to Brave is due to its ability to Block nasty ads and trackers, and up to 40% lesser bandwidth consumption compared to other browsers. Apart from that, you can also earn rewards in the form of BAT (Basic Attention Token: More about this in the next paragraph) by enabling push ad notifications in the browser.

Basic Attention Token is Brave’s own cryptocurrency which can be earned by viewing ads and the rewards can be redeemed later in the form of merchandise or can be transferred to your bank account.

How To Install Brave on Ubuntu

1. Install Curl and apt-transport-https by pasting the following commands in the terminal.

sudo apt install apt-transport-https curl

2. Install the repository key by using the following command

curl -s | sudo apt-key --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/brave-browser-release.gpg add -
echo "deb [arch=amd64] stable main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/brave-browser-release.list

3. Update the repos and install Brave

sudo apt update
sudo apt install brave-browser

That’s pretty much it in the installation part.

How to Set Up Brave to Receive Rewards?

Setting up Brave browser is really simple. All you need to do is —

  1. Opening Brave Browser

    Find Brave Browser on the list of installed applications and double-click on the icon to open it.

  2. Go to Brave Rewards

    Head over to the Settings by entering “brave://settings” (excluding the quotes) in the URL tab or find the hamburger menu in the top right corner and click on Settings in the sub-menu.

  3. You will need to open an account in Uphold and verify it in Brave to receive rewards at the start of each month.
    1. Brave also lets you contribute to content creators

      Apart from receiving rewards, you can also contribute to different websites and individuals on various social media platforms. This can be done by clicking on a small red triangle that appears alongside every comment or post.

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