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List of Airtel USSD used in Ghana

USSD codes enable users to send and receive information via a shortcode, making it easier to access services at any time of day.USSD codes allow you to do transactions, job searches, changing your pin code and borrowing credit and so much more depending on your network provider or bank.

Here are Airtel USSD used in Ghana

*130#To borrow credit. You can track your usage of the borrowed credits by dialing *130*10#.
*554#Borrow data
*134*xxxx xxxx xxxx#Airtel Recharge Process
*124#Balance enquiry. Check your credit balance.
*126*xxxxxxxxxxxxx#Instant data recharge
*701*NUMBER#Call Me Back
START to 6060Activating caller tunes also known as hello tunes
100Call centre
*133*10#Airtel Money Top Up Bonus, Call Credit Bonus
STOP to 6060Deactivating hello tunes (caller tunes)
0266116611Whatsapp line
*133*7#Checking 4GB Internet Bundle
*708*number*1#Friends & Family (Add Numbers)
PIN[space] <old PIN> [space] <new PIN>Me2U (Change Pin). e.g. PIN 1234 4321(where OLD PIN is 1234 and NEW PIN 4321)
*440#Blackberry service plans
*125#Data subscription. This service allows you to subscribe to one of our available internet bundles and enjoy our reliable 3.75G network.
*500#To access the airtel money menu
*125*1#Data bundle balance check
108Voicemail sending
109Voicemail receiving
*130*9#Unsubscribe from autokredit service
*500#Airtel Money
*557#Send airtime to anybody anywhere and at any time
*133*5#Checking 1GB Internet Bundle
*888#Football matches update
*444#Balance Enquiry On Postpaid Contract (Other Phones)
*702*number#Notify Me
02xxxxxxxx Simbox to 419Report SIM-Box fraud
*108#Classifieds (rent a house, buy a car, jobs). Costs Ghs 0.11
*467# & *468#Jobsrmobile
*703#Check your own number
*333#Balance Enquiry On Postpaid Contract (Nokia Phones)
138*Recharge PIN send e.g. 138*xxxxxxxxxxxxx sendAirtel One Network Recharge Process
*708#Friends & Family (View List Of Numbers)
*708*Number*0#Friends & Family (Remove/Delete Number(s))
*440#Blackberry plans
PORT to 600Number portability
*400#To know if your number is registered

Enjoy easy usage!

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