Non-governmental organizations(NGO) can be registered either as a Company Limited by Guarantee or as Incorporated Trustees in Nigeria.

For guidance on difference between the two, kindly see Sections 26 and 590 of Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 CAP C 20 LFN 2004.

Requirements for registration of Company Limited by Guarantee

  1. Submit application for name reservation.
  2. Complete incorporation forms on CRP or hard copy
  3. Print out completed form (if completed on CRP).
  4. Submit document in any CAC office
  5. There must be minimum of two members as well as minimum of two directors.
  6. Attorney General of the Federation’s consent is required for registration. Document is normally sent to the AGF by the Commission on behalf of the applicant.
  7. The AGF requires letter of no objection for some classes of object. It is strongly advised to visit the AGF’s office for proper direction on this.

Requirements for registration of Incorporated Trustees

  1. Submit application for name reservation.
  2. Hold meeting to adopt the special clause, constitution and appoint Trustee(s).
  3. Prepare the constitution and minute of the meeting adopting the special clause and appointing the Trustee(s).
  4. Obtain set of form for registration or complete the online form on CRP.
  5. Make publication of the appointment of the Trustee(s) in two news papers (1 circulating locally and 1 circulating nationally).
  6. Wait for 28 days after the publication then present for filing.
  7. Each of the Trustees must have two passport photographs.

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