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Quick steps to secure your website – 2021

How to secure your website

Numerous website owners are having challenges with securing their website and it becoming so alarming and in this article Boldtechinfo will give you some easy tips on how to protect your website from any external or unwanted party.

Ways you can secure your website.

The first tip all you need to do is simple and straight forward just secure your Website with HTTPS
If your website is getting plenty of action – tap, comments, requests, and so on. Remember it snot bad having an active and busy website.

But one needs to be extremely careful with all the activity that appears on the page, so it is important to secure your communications (particularly when in transit) with HTTPS.

Having an . SSL/TLS certificate will secure your communications using the secure HTTPS protocol.

All this simply means is that all communications between your user’s browser and your website is encrypted. The implementation is that hackers cannot intercept the data while it’s in transit.

The good news about this is that HTTPS is For Everyone.

Another tips in case you having difficulty with the first one. Remember updating your software also help. Update Your Software because if you don’t it makes you a prey in the hands of hackers to gain access to your website. This happens because of lack of update or unpatched and outdated software that haven’t been updated.

Many updates, namely operating system (OS) and server software updates, will be updated by your web host.

Aside those ones there are some updates that are needed to be done manually. These are typically your CMS software and CMS add-on updates.

To ensure your CMS updates are taken care of and you are not susceptible to attacks, all is needed is that you’ create a list of software that is installed on your website and manually update them on a weekly basis. If you can enable automatic updates, it will help a lot especially if you forget easily.

Always back up your website before updating your software in case of any mishaps.

In case that would be very difficult for you try the next tips which is removing Malware to Keep Your Site More Secure. We have discovered that hackers are able to disguise and hide the fact that your website has been hacked. All they intend doing is typically to do as much damage as possible without anyone noticing. That is one if the strategy employed by hackers to invade your website.

What they usually do is hiding the hacked or altered pages of your website somehow. They could hide them by only showing them to users who landed on the page through a search engine. They do this by not letting them know the users who have logged in as an admin on the hacked website.

What they do is to show them to users from certain countries (namely not the country of the website admins).

In case you want to adopt this method all you need to do is removing malware for, your website can be tricky. You could do it manually, although that method can be time wasting and sometimes ineffective if you’re not very good. The procedure involves connecting to your website via FTP and literally going through each file and manually removing the malware. This can take lots of time but anything worth doing is worth doing to avoid stories that touches the heart. But need to be careful in order not to accidently miss an infected file or piece of malicious code (which only takes one oversight to do).

There is another way to achieve this and this bus done by using a malware scanner. Although this will involve charges, but the good thing about it is that it will save you time. An automated malware scanner will literally scan your website for malware and automatically remove it for you.

Hope this tips were helpful to you. Kindly share to a friend.

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