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Realme to display ads on its phones

Realme to display ads on its phones

One of the most contested aspects of the MIUI software experience on Xiaomi and Redmi phones in places such as India has been the extensive use of ads all over. But it looks like the appeal of introducing ads into your software UI is just too high, because now Realme is doing it too.

Realme as a brand is an Oppo offshoot that is pretty clearly aiming to compete primarily with Xiaomi (and mostly, its Redmi sub-brand), and it’s been doing a great job so far. Now though, it will introduce ads in its UI in India, which it’s sneakily calling “commercial content recommendation”.

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All Realme phones running ColorOS 6 and above will receive updates that enable the ads. Content recommendation will promote apps and commercial links. The ads will appear in the Phone Manager app and the Security Check page after installing new apps. Apparently the ad system will “ensure protection of your privacy and compliance with relevant laws and regulations”, according to Realme.

Realme will show ads on its phones but you can disable them

Source: realme

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