Samsung Galaxy Z’s promo poster leaks

Samsung Galaxy Z's promo poster leaks

We came across a new leak that shows a promo poster for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z foldable phone, depicting dual-hinge design that allows it to unfold in a Z-shaped manner. However, it’s unlikely that it’s based on the design and it’s far more probable that we are looking at a stylized promo image for the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip which will employ a clamshell design and is expected to arrive alongside the S20 series on February 11. We don’t have much else to work with apart from the poster itself. We can see the dual-fold mechanism accompanied by the glowing foldable screen. From the looks of it, the device will have one part of the screen on its outside even when folded all the way shut. We’ll just have to wait and see if this is indeed a new device or just a specially curated image of the Galaxy Fold Z Flip.

In related news, Samsung will reportedly offer its Galaxy Z Flip in exclusive colors to South Korean carries. SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus users will be getting limited edition blue, red and pink colors to match the carrier’s brand colors. In addition to the three limited colors, the Galaxy Z Flip clamshell will be offered in black, white and purple colors as standard.

Samsung is known to offer exclusive color options for its phones for a while now with devices like the Galaxy Note10 getting the Aura Red paint job with certain carriers around the world.

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