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Samsung, LG set to unveil Latest AI Tech at CES 2020

Samsung, LG set to unveil Latest AI Tech at CES 2020

Major South Korean tech giants, including Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, are ready to boast their latest technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and displays at the upcoming US consumer electronics show, industry watchers said on Sunday. The annual four-day CES 2020 will kick off in Las Vegas on January 7, where around 4,500 firms from around the globe will lock horns with their latest achievements in the high-end technology industry, Yonhap news agency reported.

This year, South Korean tech giants are especially focusing efforts on promoting their AI solutions, with Samsung set to provide more details about its on-going project named NEON.

“NEON is not about Bixby, or anything you have seen before,” Samsung Electronics earlier said through its NEON Twitter account.

Bixby is an AI-based digital assistant currently installed in its major smart devices.

LG Electronics, Samsung’s smaller local home appliances rival, plans to operate a special booth at the CES 2020, where visitors can experience its own AI solutions as well.

LG Electronics said it will unveil its upgraded AI solution, based on its standards of “evolve, connect and open.”

In the display segment, Samsung and LG are expected to start yet another round of quarrels over whose TVs deliver more accurate colour.

Earlier this year, LG Electronics filed a complaint with South Korea’s corporate watchdog over a Samsung advertisement, accusing its QLED branding of being “misleading.”

LG said Samsung’s QLED TV is merely a liquid crystal display (LCD) TV with a backlight panel that has an additional QD sheet, not a “true QLED” display that uses quantum-dot light-emitting diodes.

Industry watchers said the two giants may conduct more warfare at the tech fair.

Samsung Electronics is expected to showcase a new micro LED TV at the event, with LG Electronics widely anticipated to introduce another innovative display like the rollable TV unveiled last year.

LG, which has been making efforts to tap deeper into the robot industry, plans to showcase a new model that can be used at restaurants.

Samsung, which unveiled the Gait Enhancing and Motivating System (GEMS) wearable robot at this year’s CES, may come up with another model at the upcoming event, industry watchers said.

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