Seta Field Services Launches Tracking Platform


Seta Field Services, To compete favourably on the shelf, has developed a shelf-execution tracker solution (FETA) to meet your need for real-time measurement of shelf execution activities

The Nigerian startup developed the software to help companies that deal with consumer goods measure the shape-of- shelf and distribution of products across multiple destinations.

The brand, which was founded early 2019, measures the circulation and distribution of goods, people and objects for consumer goods companies.

FETA, which stands for Field Execution Tracking Application, is the company’s first product. It helps in measuring the share-of-shelf of products in unstructured markets.

FETA records the number of times a product appears in a picture or a video and compares it against the number of times other products of interest appears in an image or a clip. The results from the comparison provide share-of-shelf, availability status, and distribution figures to either a sales representative or the store owner when the picture of a shelf inside the store is captured.

‘’The backbone of the operation carried out by the FETA app is Artificial Intelligence. The app uses AI to measure the share-of-shelf of a product against the entire products in its category. It can aggregate data across several products or locations,’’ said Aito Osemegbe, co-founder of Seta Field Services.

Since its inception, Seta has run a six-month trial phase for the FETA app with teams of Flour mills in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the programme came to an end in March due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

‘’The results from the trial phase increased FETA’s recognition from 76% to 92%,’’ Osemegbe added.

‘’FETA is capable of serving thousands of companies simultaneously. The platform is designed to provide every company with finer insights, data, and quality service.’’ Osemegbe concluded.

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