How withdraw crypto currency

Alot of crypto traders want to send money but lack the knowledge of withdraw cryptocurrency. Before you will be able to transfer cryptocurrency from your Coinbase wallet to another exchange or wallet.

You will have get a destination address from that exchange or wallet. To complete a withdrawal on web:

After all this instructions are follow;

1. Open the trading view at

2. Go to the left-hand column under Wallet Balance.

3. Click the Withdraw option in the Currency Type field, select the cryptocurrency you wish to send.

5. At the field, specify the external wallet address you’d like to send the cryptocurrency to.

If you have this address saved in your Address Book, you can search for it by nickname or the first few characters of the address. If you have Whitelisting enabled, you may only list here an address whitelisted in your Address Book.

Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. So ensure you carefully review the blockchain address you have entered and send only to trusted addresses

Enter the amount you’d like to send, then select the Withdraw option Viewing your deposit and withdrawal history
All your properly completed deposits and withdrawals can be viewed on the Portfolios tab found on the top-right corner of the trading view. Select the respective tabs on this page to find a list of both pending and historical deposits and withdrawals. On the Coinbase Pro mobile app, look for wallets on the Portfolio Page and filter Recent Transactions for transfers to see deposits and withdrawals.

The platform doesn’t accept sends from contract-generated transactions. Please do not deposit ETH to Coinbase Pro from an Ethereum contract.

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