The Snapchat is an American multimedia messaging Apps developed by snap Inc, its function in operating system such as Android and iOS.

On Android its sized 62.7mb and on iOS sized 204.7mb.

One of the principal features of the Snapchat app is that pictures and messages are usually only available for a short time before it becomes inaccessible to their recipients.

The Snapchat App was release on the 8th of July 2011 to be precise and it is available in 37 languages and the programming languages includes JavaScript, Python, Cocoa and PHP.

Creating Snapchat account is easier these days with current development on technologies and internet service.

Note: Snapchat download differ in Android and iOS.

How to create Snapchat account on iOS
1. Click on the App store where several apps are available. The buyer click on the Snapchat app to download where it direct the person to his/her Apple ID and request for password immediately the password is input the download is done. Afterwards the person open the App.
On the first page usually we have
A box below, where you see
Log In/Sign up

To create a new account one is expected to click on the space where we have ‘Sign up’ by clicking/tap on it to create a new account.

2. Provide information about the individuals that intend to create the new account e.g name, email, phone number, birth date and so on.
3. Proceed to create a username of your choice with appropriate example given
4. Create a password if your choice, with at least 10 characters or even longer.
5. User phone number is to be inputted in a space provided for verification and account security, one can use email as well.

How to create a snapchat on Android 
Clicked on the play store on your phone and on the first page you will see Apps provided under the icon For You. Scroll down and click on the Snapchat app to download. Afterwards open the apps and follow similar illustration provided above.

Note: One can download the Snapchat apps on Google by searching “download Snapchat” but is advisable to download the app on either App store for iOS user or play store for Android user.

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