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South African’s Legal Lens Launches a system to help clients reduce legal fees by up to 60%

South African Startup Launches to Help Residents Save Money on Legal Charges

The South African startup aims to protect individuals, companies, and state entities from inflated legal charges.

The firm, which came to be in November 2020, was founded by Yusha Davidson and Catherine-Jane Paulse.

Legal Lens boasts of its ability to reduce legal fees by up to 60%, or an average of 10%. The startup allows their clients to send in invoices and any correspondence related to arrangement on legal charges.

The firm digitally reviews submitted invoices to identify areas of potential savings using experienced attorneys, machine learning, and optical character recognition. It then engages the client’s lawyer regarding the charges.

Legal Lens handles all engagements professionally to avoid soiling the relationship between the clients and their respective lawyers.

Following the revision of the invoices, the startup obtains a new invoice reflecting the reduced fee to be paid from the legal firm.

Meanwhile, the startup charges its clients 17.5% of the amount saved. In a case where there is no reduction in the fees, Legal Lens does not charge.

”The recent discussion paper by the South African Law Reform Commission regarding its investigation into legal fees confirms that improper and unethical billing is a reality in the county,” Paulse stated.

The pair realized that it was difficult to review legal invoices, as clients fear tampering the close relationship they have with their lawyers.

Besides, they may not have the necessary knowledge required to dispute legal invoices.

”It’s time-consuming. So, we developed a tech-based solution to review legal invoices and reduce legal charges,” Davidson said.

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