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Upcoming Redmi 10X to come with 30x zoom and OIS

China, on May 26 will get the Redmi 10X lineup. We got expectation of three different smartphones, and one of them will have 30x zoom. This could mean one of the cameras could be 3x telephoto, unless Redmi has something else up its sleeve.

The official Redmi page on Weibo shared the teaser about the 30x zoom and the OIS capabilities of one of the cameras, but it also revealed there will be some AI features for “creative inspiration”.

Aside from the fancy background blur and artificial coloring of some images and night shots, we are wondering what is Redmi going to present.

Redmi 10X to have 30x zoom, OIS, camera sample arrives from Redmi 10X Pro

In a separate post on Weibo, the product director Thomas Wang revealed that snapping a long-exposure photo during the night will be a simple procedure with the Redmi 10X Pro (yes, there is a Pro incoming) without extra equipment required thanks to the Star track mode.



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