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What is Metaverse and how it applies to real life.

Image Sources: Business insider

The word METAVERSE is coined from two words, the prefix; “META” which means “beyond” and the surfix; “VERSE” which is derived from the word “universe”.

METAVERSE is a combination of physical, virtual and augmented reality, in a shared online environment.

Just like in the normal internet, you get to login and connect to the virtual world with the help of a head mounted display of a virtual reality headset.

Humans get to experience life or exist in a virtual world in form of avatars and also get to see buildings, people and vehicles just like in the real world.

With the metaverse, you get to exist in a virtual world where you’re previleged to experience similar real life scenarios but in a virtual form with limitless abilities.

It is more like being present in the internet rather than staring at it on a screen

Instead of video chatting your friends on a screen, the metaverse puts you in a virtual 3D environment (of your choice) similar to the real world where you get to interact, play games, discuss etc with your friends who are represented by their avatars, all with the help of a specially designed virtual reality headset.

It is still quite unclear what the metaverse will look like and how it’ll work.

✓ But, it will not be attaining it’s climax stages anytime soon due to its complexity and the whole new bliss it offers.

✓ The #metaverse is transforming the entertainment industry really fast.

✓ It is believed yet the market opportunity for the metaverse will hit about $800,000,000,000. (80 billion dollars) by 2024.


✓ Metaverse technology has experienced massive adoption recently from tech companies like Facebook Microsoft, Epic games etc.

They can’t risk getting left behind.

✓ Facebook is transitioning from just a social media app to a metaverse company.

✓ The gaming industry remains one of the top industries that’ll benefit from this technology.

It’ll give users a better gaming experience compared to the the# normal gaming system.

Instead of playing games on the screen, the metaverse gives you the feeling of being present in the game.

✓ In the words of Mark Zuckerberg: “it is a Virtual environment where you can be present with people in digital spaces.

You can think of this more like an embodied internet that you’re inside of rather than just looking at.

We believe that’s it’s gonna be the successor to the mobile internet”.

Meetings,seminars, hangouts, parties, Music festivals and other occasions can be hosted inside the metaverse digitally.

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