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Whatsapp Plus in form of simple APK or Modded APK is currently in the eyes of millions of users who used to give prefer to official Whatsapp after they have made changes in their privacy policy. The constant seek and trend to Whatsapp Plus is obvious and justified as well, because you are not secured with official whatsapp in 2022.

On the other side, latest updated changes in official Whatsapp is also one of the major reasons why people are switching to the Whatsapp Plus and that too on the behalf of obvious reasons.

We have compiled and discovered all the unlocked and anti ban features of Whatsapp Plus for Android & iphone Users in this article.

Whatsapp Plus is also the best alternatives to the official Whatsapp and even now it’s more reliable and security friendly after the Whatsapp.Com changes in their privacy policy. Let’s take a look at the latest, updated and modified features of Whatsapp Plus in 2022 for android, windows, iphone and linux devices.

Features in Whatsapp Plus 2022

Whatsapp Plus 2022 version contains too many new and advanced features for iphone and Android users both. All the important and anti-ban features are mentioned below with details.


Features overview of WhatsApp Plus


  • You can hide your online status.
  • You Can hide blue ticks and delivered ticks.
  • You can hide writing status.
  • You can hide your recording status.
  • You can hide the Blue microphone.
  • You can hide your view status.
  • You can Enable and disable anti-revoke.

WhatsApp Plus Settings

  • Sticker packs download from GBPLUS
  • Stickers maker
  • Cleaner
  • You can use Various wallpapers
  • Auto-reply feature is enable
  • You can use lots of themes
  • Use new Widgets
  • Customize conversation screen with cool themes
  • Customizable Widgets
  • Customizable Notification popup
  • Status can be download in this app
  • Video status limit up to 7 minutes
  • New Fonts Are Available
  • Backup feature is available

General settings

  • You can restart WhatsApp Plus
  • Customizable chats
  • DND Mode is available
  • Message Scheduler

Benefits of using WhatsApp Plus

You can take the full benefits of this app WhatsApp Plus with many features that you never get in the original version of WhatsApp.

Hide online status

This is a very useful feature of Whatsapp Plus MOD, this surprising feature of this app lets you hide your online status from other peoples. it means no one seeing you online when you turn ON this feature.

Hide blue ticks

In Whatsapp Plus, people get a single tick when the message is sent and double ticks mean messages were delivered and double blue ticks which sands the sent message was seen. when you switch this feature peoples will not see a blue tick in your chat.

Writing status

If you do not want to let others know your writing status you can switch it in the privacy features of WhatsApp Plus.

Recording status

Recording, as well as writing status, can be hidden from others, you can hide your recording audio status to other users.

Sticker Packs

Download cool, stylish, and trending sticker packs from our website and use them in your WhatsApp plus chats and status.


Whatsapp+ latest version has the Auto-reply feature. Use it to set auto-reply from you to others who messages you.


This is an unusual feature of MOD Whatsapp, not all Mod versions of Whatsapp allows you this feature. The feature is the theme option, which means you can customize your WhatsApp plus theme in your own way. There are lots of themes available to use.

Fonts and style

Whatsapp+ has a variety of fonts that come in stunning styles and sizes. I am sure you would love to try them.

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