Individuals, small to mid-size businesses, institutions etc can become Quickteller Paypoint Agents upon registration and submission of requisite documentations. The requirements are based on the class of agent applied for e.g. classic, standard and prestige. Individuals and unregistered businesses (mass/umbrella agents) fall under Classic category. MSMEs, mom-and-pop shops, salons, supermarkets, chemist shops, grocery stores, etc. fall under the Standard category; whilst bigger businesses like petrol stations, pharmacy chains, Quick Service Restaurants (eateries), etc. fall under the Prestige category. Institutions with structures like MFBs also fall under the Prestige category. Having an existing business which attracts reasonable footfall is a basic requirement. In addition, one must have a physical location that is easily accessible to people as well as an acceptable means of identification. For corporate entities and institutions, business registration/incorporation documents will also be required.

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