WHO to Launch COVID-19 App for Android and iOS

front page of the WHO MyHealth

front page of the WHO MyHealth

The World Health Organization (WHO) plans to disseminate more information about COVID-19 through its official application.

This application is planned to slide under the name WHO MyHealth for the Android, iOS and web app platforms. The official application from WHO will later contain news, tips, notifications, myths that are not true about the coronavirus and other information.

As quoted by 9to5Google, Friday (27/03/2020); WHO MyHealth originally invented by teams of experts who work voluntarily. The team declared the WHO Covid App Collective consists of former Google and Microsoft employees as well as WHO advisors and ambassadors along with other experts from the health industry.

Based on the development roadmap on GitHub, the initial version of this application will be launched on 30 March. Because it was built as an open-source application, 9to5Google managed to peek the contents of the WHO MyHealth application.


For now, the contents are still fairly basic, consisting mostly of tips and questions about the coronavirus that has been on WHO’s WhatsApp chatbot.

According to the design document, the WHO MyHealth app is planned to offer notifications that are specific to the user’s location. This application also has an ambitious mission by providing tools for ‘self triage’ that can help users to diagnose whether the symptoms they experience are consistent with the symptoms of COVID-19.

Another ambitious feature that is planned to come is for those who have been positively infected with the coronavirus to be able to offer WHO the location history of an Android or iPhone device.

This feature is useful to help better track the spread of the coronavirus. But considering this method is closely related to privacy issues, it is not yet known whether this feature will be launched.

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