Xiaomi displays a 144Hz mode for the Redmi K30 5G variant

Xiaomi displays a 144Hz mode for the Redmi K30 5G variant
Redmi K30 5G

Just last month the first Redmi phone with a high refresh rate screen came out, the Redmi K30 and its 5G variant had 120Hz IPS LCD panels. That may not be the best that the K30 can do – Xiaomi VP Lu Weibing posted a video of the Redmi K30 5G screen running at 144Hz.

The VP says that this was a test in the laboratory and did not specify whether the company will release an official update that will push the screen to the higher refresh rate.

The hardware is clearly capable of running at 144Hz, but there are other considerations – e.g. there’s a community-made mod for the Redmi K20 that runs the screen at 75Hz and one for the Mi 9 that goes up to 84Hz. These rates were never officially enabled, however, as they take a toll on the battery.

144Hz is pretty common among desktop gaming monitors – in fact, it’s the lowest option usually, 120Hz is more of a laptop thing (and now phones too). Last week at CES Asus unveiled the first 360Hz gaming monitor, so the refresh rate wars on desktop and mobile are far from over.

For what it’s worth, the leaked specs for the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro suggest a 90Hz OLED will be used, so this is unlikely to be a hint of what is to come. Actually, the this will be the first phone in the premium Mi-series to offer 90Hz, never mind 120Hz or higher.

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