Xiaomi’s next Mi flagship has been popping-up hire ant there, from time to time in the last few months, but with little actual accompanying info. A few days ago, a couple of alleged live photos of the device did surface, matching earlier rumors of a quad-camera setup, but also missing the mark on others, like an alleged notch and hole-free display.

we now have an official-looking banner to reference. Instantly, we have to notice the Mi Mix Alpha inspired design, the Mi 10 is rocking. Of course, futuristic wrap-around display in sight, but the strip is definitely a nod in the direction of Xiaomi’s recent tech showcase. So, even though the Mix Alpha might be off the table for good, we might at least get a new distinctive Xiaomi design language out its brief existence.

Kind of pointing out the obvious here, but, nonetheless, also on the banner we find a Snapdragon 865 5G badge. Pretty much expected. Still, it’s nice to see a confirmation for 5G connectivity. Though, it could still be limited to the Mi 10 Pro version, which we do officially know will exist alongside a vanilla. That part remains to be seen. There is also a February 11 date on the banner. It is pretty self-explanatory and a February launch for the Mi 10 has crept up before through the grape vine as well.


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