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Xiaomi to come with a new MIUI camera app feature called “AI Shutter”

Xiaomi is ready to add another feature after introducing the Magic Clone and a more other features to the MIUI 12 camera app.

According to a leak, Xiaomi is working on a new MIUI camera app feature called, “AI Shutter,” that shares the functionality of Google camera’s Topshot on Pixel devices.

MIUI 12 camera features

The evidence comes from strings of code found in the camera app in MIUI 12 China Beta ROMs. The code mentions “AI Shutter” with a description: “Select the best moment automatically when pressing the shutter button.”

While this is a rough translation from Chinese, it clearly indicates that we might see a Top Shot-like feature on the MIUI 12 Camera app in the future. For those who don’t know, Top Shot on Google Pixel devices takes a burst of pictures and selects the most appropriate picture with the help of machine learning. The device looks for an image where the subject is smiling, isn’t blinking, or looking at the camera.

AI Shutter will likely be implemented as an option. In other words, Mi users would have full control if they would like the device to automatically sort out the pictures and look for the best one.

Note that evidence of the AI shutter feature was found in the MIUI Camera beta app. This means the feature may or may not arrive in future releases.

MIUI 12 Stable builds have begun rolling out to the first batch of devices of the MIUI 12 Supported device list. A beta build has also been rolled out to Redmi Note 8 Pro users who participated in the MIUI 12 Pilot program.

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